EPIC Appeal


The Festival is now over and the result has been amazing,

The Christmas Tree Festival has raised:      £10,823

The EPIC Appeal has so far raised:             £15,157

                                                     Total:       £25,980     -  A fantastic result!

Thank you to everyone who donated so generously


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Why the Money is Needed

The 2016 survey of the structure of the church building, which lists and estimates the costs of items of repair and maintenance, reported defects totalling about £150,000 (including VAT, project management  fees etc). They were categorised into degrees of urgency spread over the next 5 years till the next survey in 2021. 

As a result of previous fundraising efforts, the Friends Of St Mary's were able to commit the sum of £30,000 towards the cost of £46,000 for the repointing of the South elevation of the tower. This was completed in 2018 and was considered the most urgent of the repairs necessary.

To enable some of the remaining defects - some of which remain on the urgent list - to be addressed as soon as possible, we now need to raise another £100,000 approximately. Some of this may come from grants, but we need to be able to demonstrate what we have done to help ourselves as a village to qualify for consideration.


The most important and costly of the remaining items include:

            Re-rendering the North wall and refurbishment of rainwater goods.                  £35,000

            Repair and renew stonework externally and internally.                                      £28,000

            Renew lighting to save future costs.                                                                  £20,000

            Extend lightning conductor.                                                                                £10,000


Repairs of this nature are expensive as they require specialist trades when dealing with a Grade 1 listed building.  Building costs have, of course, risen since 2016 and no doubt there will be additional items when the next church survey is prepared.

Malcolm McLelland.      Chairman  


The EPIC Appeal

Click here for full details of The EPIC Appeal 

We are most grateful to the following donors, as well as the many other persons who prefer to remain anonymous:

  Joe and Imogen Padfield                    Alec Alexander                                  Peter and Sioned Vos

  Barry Barnes                                       Barbara Marsh                                  Muriel Pleasance

  RL and LC Slaughter                           Phil Boole                                         John Adams

  Gwendoline Colmer                             Colin and Helen Smith                      Veronica

  Jennifer Paice                                      Dave Pilcher                                     Pamela Bradley

  East Preston Residents                       Sheila Hodge                                    Susan Crowther

  Susan Spurgin                                     Chris and Joanna Cooke                  Margaret Carruthers

  Ann and Norman Thorne                     Robert Craine                                   Helen Warner

  Trevor Snyman                                    JA Broster                                         Christopher Snewin

  Christopher Roberts                             Tes Clark                                          Susan Bennett

  Colin Crane                                          Philip Sherwin                                   E Cooke

  Peter Skilton                                         Mary Cameron                                  PL Thornton

  MT Keating                                            M & J Gerrard                                   Betty Isted

  Mardell Family                                       AE Love                                            Linda Coote

  Gillian Siviter                                          RM Linley-Munro                             John Reynolds

  Yvonne Nicol                                          Stella Collier                                     Edna Lovell

  Sheila Young                                          MR Walker                                       John Cogman

  Peter Leighton                                        Albert Hill                                         Justine and Frank Schageman

  Barry Barnes                                          Lol Pilfold                                         Michael Burgess

 DL Ellis                                                    Sheila Wright                                   Pat Marsh

HE Aldridge                                              Charles Johnson                              Patricia Blackborn

Melanie Careless                                     Jennifer Boros                                  Derek McCoubrey

Sandra Coney                                          Sylvia Luscombe                              Vanilla White

VM Parkes                                                Jim and Dorothy Lee                        Frank James

Jim Douglas                                              David Eastes                                    Tony Black

Jean Williams                                            Stan Wheeler and Carolyn Knott      Peter Lewis

"All About" Magazine                                Glyn Mathias                                    Mr Jeffries

Alan and Margaret Gibbs                          S Froggitt                                         Yvonne Rimmer

St Mary's Womens Fellowship                  Our Lady Star of the Sea